Porche Cayman S : Astounding car from Porche

With 3436 cc engine churning out 321 bhp top speed 283 kmph. Very comfortable to ride and drive. Proche cayman S has great visual apeal, beautiful flowing design. It is one of the great cars of our time.

The amazing Ford Endeavour

Smart, bold & fearless that is the spirit of Ford Endeavour, if you like to drive your own car, buy a Ford Endeavour. Collapsible steering column, airbags for driver and passenger, door intrusion side beam, seat belts for all passengers, you have all safety features you need. Endeavour is available in two engine types, 2953 cc and 2499 cc, all are DOHC, 16 Valves common rail direct injection engine. 2953 cc model has 4X4 and 2X4 variants both of them with automatic transmission. Endeavour with 2499 cc engine comes in 2X4 drive with a manual transmission. Any Endeavor owner will assure you that this 7 seater wonder is a thrill to ride.

Landcruiser 200

Dominate the terrain : A full 4X4 off-roader SUV which can be driven on all possible terrain. Under the hood it has 4.5 L common rail diesel V8 32 valve DOHC (Double overhead camshaft) engine. A six speed automatic transmission and ventilated disk brakes are some of the other features of LC 200.

Maruti Swift LDI & VDI

Maruti Swift LDI's & VDI's have one of the most refined diesel engines availble in India. It has four cylinder 16 valve DDIS diesel engine, excellent pick up due to fixed geometry turbo charge intercooler. Common rail direct injection of fuel made swift a smooth and almost noiseless car.

New car launch : Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi Diesel Ambiente

One of the most fuel efficient SUV in India. It has 1498 cc TDCi 4 cylinder diesel engine which gives about 15.1 km / litre within city, 17.1 km / litre on highway. Very good ground clearence of 200 mm. This is ideal SUV for Indian family. The petrol and diesel engines used in this car similar to those are used in Ford Fiesta.

Mercedes A180, Automobile masterpiece from Mercedes :

In Mercedes A180 you get a 4 cylinder turbo petrol engine with power of 122 HP. 0 to 100 Kilometer/hour in in 9.2 seconds. Mercedes A 180 sport has top speed of 202 Kilometer/hour. Piezo injectors are used for high pressure direct injection. Great dynamic looking vehicle, beautiful handling. Engine, transmission and interiors are excellent.

Motorcycles in limelight

Hyosung mtorbikes : brave new motorbikes from Korea

  • Hyosung GT650R : This motorbike took inspiration from racing motorbikes. It has DOHC 8-valve fuel 90 degree V twin 647 cc fuel injection engine. IThis bike means power. Improved breaking with semi floating double disk four piston calipers in the front wheel and single disk two piston calipers in rear wheel. Adjutable rear seat, adjustable suspension, this bike is just a dream ride.
  • Hyosung 2014 ST7 Deluxe : This motorbike has DOHC 8-valve 90 degree V-twin liquid cooled 678.2 cc engine. It's may be the bike that you always dreamt of riding. This bike is for lion hearted, it can motivate you to take a long ride with friends. Ride ST7 Deluxe, fill the freedom and pride of its classical design with analog speedomter, LED tail lights and refined finish.

Car Safety

Some important points.

  • "GPS Navigation"

    Gives navigation support to drivers.
  • "Car parking camera"

    Helps in parking cars.
  • "Seatbelt & Airbag"

    Seatbelt and airbag are two most important safety features.
  • "Alloy wheel benefits"

    Alloy wheels are made of light weight Aluminum alloys and they are lighter and stronger than steel wheels. Lowering the unsprung weight of the car ( a weght not supported by cars suspension) improves withstanding capacity during shock transmission, also lighter wheels improves steering maneuverability. Drivers may get benefit of lesser fuel consumption as overall weight of the car decreases.